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Alpha Chi is BACK

I'm pleased to report that things are back on track at Alpha Chi. Since last year, a number of Alums have stepped up and gotten involved to help to get us back to an operationally sound state. Better communication with the chapter has helped too. Chapter Advisor Byron Woodrum, HC Treasurer Bruce Karper and Alumni House Manager Andy Gildersleeve have been tireless in their work to help make things better. Sigma Chi Grand Praetor William Sapoch has also been very supportive, as has Regional Director Art Berg.



- We bought new furniture for the great hall, card room and dining room

- We held a Planning Retreat with the Chapter to set goals for Spring Semester.

- We have the House cleaned 2x a week -  this started in Jan and is making a difference

- We have a Security Service that monitors parties - partially to protect our actives from Police & PSU. We pay for this service and it is working very well. We use them even when there are not parties.

- We have Rental Agreements for the House and for each brother in Place. Thanks to Bob Shuster for all his work on this.


The result is that House is much cleaner and the Brothers are also doing their part. Damage is down and the house looks more like a domicile (see attached pictures from the weekly inspection).


The Chapter is doing much better

While we can always do better, the chapter is working with us. Chapter Advisor Byron Woodrum is doing an outstanding job working with the chapter. As an example - the chapter just got a record Class of 32 Pledges and initiation is coming up at the end of March. They had a good THON and are getting good grades. 


Alumni Recognition

We will be recognizing Alpha Chi alumni who have served Alpha Chi at our 29th annual Golf Weekend and Steak Bake. Also, two alums who will recognized at the national level:

- Andy Gildersleeve - Order of Constantine 2019

- Richard Hume - Significant Sig 2019

More on both of these worthy alums in our Spring Newsletter.


Spring Events

We will have an Alumni Breakfast at the House on Blue White Weekend on Saturday, April 13th. Please register here.

We have our 29th annual Alumni Weekend on June 7-8th. Tournament Director Scott Fozard is planning an amazing Event. Make sure you register.



We plan to paint the entire house this summer - all bedrooms too. Cost >$12,000

We plan to refinish the Great Hall floors this summer - $10,000

We plan to install security cameras & new locks (RMF recommends this) Cost $13-20,000

We plan to get new furniture for bedrooms. Cost $10-15,000


How you can Help

There are a number of ways you can help:

- Spread the word with other alumni that we are back (not all alums get this email)

- Attend Initiation. We will need many alumni to help with Interviews.

- Attend our Events: Blue White or Alumni Weekend

- Donate. Our donations are way down this year compared to past years. A donation of $100, $250, $500 or $1000 or more would be greatly appreciated and will help to offset some of our project costs. You can donate online by clicking here.


So look for our Spring Newsletter in March. We hope to see you in March, April or June in Happy Valley. Remember, Alpha Chi of Sigma Chi is BACK!!


In Hoc,


Jim Lundy '82

House Corporation President 

Order of Constantine

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 408 825-3562