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As all Fraternities across the nation work to sustain Fraternity life in the 21st century, we so often hear "things have changed," or "Things aren't what they used to be." Recently, Matt Siekman '03, shared the photos in this article with House Corp. President Joe Tenaglia '76. This sparked a nostalgic conversation among Brothers Jim Lundy '82, Rob Ball '75, David Capperella '87, and Robert Shuster '87.

"Wow, never saw these before! Let's send these to all the neighborhood people who hate us! We were here first," said Rob Ball.

Lundy wrote in explaining "Just to be clear, in the old days, it was Delta Tau Delta. Our House was also featured in Life Magazine in the 60s. At many Homecomings, many older Delt Alums would ask to come in and look at the House - we always let them in...."

Capperella volleyed in with "It wasn't until around 1986-87 That we finally removed the old DTD crest from the front wall and replaced it with ours. Andy Gildersleeve '68 donated the Spanish granite (If I remember correctly). The Delts weren't too happy about that."

"Believe it was spring of '86 during Alumni Work Weekend that the 'dump-t-dump,' Crest was removed and ours was installed," added Shuster. "It was also a good excuse to have the giant pine trees cut down."