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It is thanks to the Alumni, that our communications program continues to serve to inform Alpha Chi Alumni of all the things happening with our Chapter - but we're missing some of you! The following Brothers gave to our annual fund last year, but not yet this year. If you'd like to make a contribution, click HERE. Find out if you're on our list.

David Tattersall   F. Chernuta
Curt Seiberlich   Kenneth Blair
Daniel Noerr   William Wells
David Zach   Kenneth Strohm
James Smith   Richard Mohler
Jeffrey Shaver   Robert Shuster
Michael Canzian   Robert Peruzzi
Edward Junker   John Russo
John Garber   David Kuhn
Michael Kemerer   Frank Raymond
William Thomas   Kell Cannon
Robert Wood   Rodney Fletcher
John Knoll   John Robinson
Mark Hershey   Francis Platt
James Keith   Richard Graham
John Hopkins   Michael Cote
David Brickley   Morse Reese
John Hill   Richard Swensen
John Sidersky   Timothy Conway
Chip Brubaker   Greg Kline
Randall Dillman   Andrew Gildersleeve
Mark Polinski   Joseph Conaty
Philip Thomas   Robert Kemmerer
Edward Lynam   Daniel Eckenrode
George Canaga   Donald Sedam
Jeffrey Lohr   Jeffrey Stratton
Mark Carey   Thomas Wood
Yuri Brunetti   Blair Anger
Eric George   James Corrigan
Paul Hoyt   Stephen Pracht