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The weekend of February 23rd will feature our annual Province Workshop at Penn State. Specifically, on Saturday February 24th, there will be a special meeting at 10:00 AM for all Alpha Chi alumni and any interested Sigma Chi Alumni.

The meeting will be in room 233 A/B of the HUB. The purpose will be to provide a short update on new Penn State policies and how they will affect our chapter. The House Corporation will also discuss the current status of the Chapter House and it’s long term financial viability.  Then at 11:30am we have asked several of our active brothers to attend beginning at 11:30 AM for the purpose of discussing the items that concern the alumni. Lunch will be a breakout with alumni taking actives to lunch in the HUB and continuing the discussion. This is a critical time slot for alumni and actives to get together and discuss the AX Chapter going forward.

In the afternoon, Grand Praetor Bill Sapoch and members from the Sigma Chi Headquarters staff will review the new policies established by Sigma Chi Headquarters. All alumni and actives are welcome and encouraged to attend.

On Sunday morning the 25th around 10:00 AM, we will begin our annual PW. All alumni are invited and encouraged to attend that event also. It will be held in the same HUB room.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you!