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Jackson Fitzgerald, Alpha Chi Consul, adorns the trophy with a well-deserved smooch!

On Friday, December 8, Alpha Chi hosted its annual Winter Formal. It went extremely well. My wife, Betzi Kline,  and I were there for a couple hours. We were also met by Danelle Del Corso from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) at Penn State. She got to witness the Sweetheart being crowned and hear the Sweetheart song being sung by all the men.

She was extremely impressed. I talked to her for awhile and she is truly a friend to the Alpha Chi chapter. Also, all the brothers were very respectful to my wife, Danielle and all the ladies that were present, of course. It was very classy and I'm extremely happy with how everything turned out. As far as the OFSL is concerned, I think we're in very good standings with them and the University as a whole. Now if we can just pay our bills I think we're on the right track to sick around Penn State for along time.

"Also...WE WON THE HOLIDAY LIGHT TROPHY!!!! Congratulations to Alpha Chi!!!!"