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For the next few years Alpha Chi will experience a serious adjustment phase, like nothing we as alumni have seen before. We can come out stronger on the other side, but only if we remain committed to the process and to each other.

Thankfully, this fall, Alpha Chi will finally have its own financial advisor—someone that truly cares about these young men. After 16 years as advisor, Dave Kline is once again throwing his hat in the ring to help as the Financial Advisor. He wants to mentor, help, and assist the actives financially during this transition time. He and I will be teaming up to help maintain Alpha Chi's solvency.

Deferred rush, mandated by the University, will be a major financial hurdle for Alpha Chi. There was no pledge class this fall: we had 12 potential offers: eight bids went out, five accepted, two quit, and the other three gave up.  I fear that on the short-term, until everyone adjusts to the new system, finding and maintaining qualified future Sigs is going to be extremely difficult with the new sanctions from the University. This has serious financial implications. Only sophomores will be eligible to rush. Which means they won't live in the house until they're juniors. Soon there will only be juniors and seniors living in the house, if anyone at all.

The actives will need to seriously tighten their belt, and any help from alumni would be most appreciated and extremely helpful.  It’s critical that we reach out to each other now.  There is a treasure trove of contacts, from the golf weekends to reunions. Anything you can do to help spread the word among your network of brothers will help.  It will take two to three years for the full effects of the changes to be known, and in the meantime, alumni support is absolutely critical.

If you aren’t here dealing directly in the issues, it can be easy to criticize. There are complaints about having too many actives, then complaints there's not enough money. We, as advisors, cannot force anyone to live in the house or force them to pay their bills. This is a serious issue.  More actives live out of the house than in it. Dave Kline ‘64 and I agree, there are too many members and not enough living in the house. We are working on that now. We have been to so many meetings regarding the future of Greek life at Penn State with little to no results- meetings with Damon Sims, the OFSL, FLAA, the Tom Harner CPA, and on and on. We've all been trying to work on a helpful, viable, long-lasting solution to help all Greek organizations maintain their solvency.  But there is little to no help from anyone, especially the University.  One fraternity, Sigma Nu, has a "for rent" sign out front, TKE will be closed this fall, and others may never open.  Many others just don’t have a pledge class, such as Alpha Chi. Dave and I are trying do whatever we can to make sure Alpha Chi is here indefinitely so all alumni can return and enjoy the house they've grown to love. Please help if you can.

Being here, on the ground with these guys, interacting with them regularly, being the face of Alpha Chi alumni, teaching them what it is to be a Sig gives them a sense of meaning and belonging. It's time for Alpha Chi to shine but, we need your help to do so. If anyone is interested in assisting us, I am putting together an advisory board, trying to utilize our knowledge as a group to help propel Alpha Chi ahead. 

I will be the chapter advisor, going to weekly chapter meetings and assisting on a day to day basis, Dave Kline is the financial advisor, and Mark Dobrzynski ’89 is assisting in debt collection- but we can use anyone else’s expertise in any capacity to assist.  We need someone to head a parents group, work with Risk, Ritual, and philanthropy.

We need actives keeping their eye on the big picture. What you put in, you get a hundred fold.” I only need a few good men- alumni with good character, fidelity, and mostly, wisdom.  They deserve our help.  Please, reach out to me with questions.

In Hoc,
Greg Kline ‘98
Alpha Chi Chapter Advisor
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