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Jackson Fitzgerald (Left) with Pro-Consul Adam Holz at the Sigma Chi Horizons Leadership Summit in Utah.

Where did you grow up?

In Pittsburgh, PA, specifically in the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

I love watching sports, reading interesting books, and hanging out with my friends in my downtime.

What made you decide to attend Penn State?

Well, I am the youngest of eight chidren in my family, and all of my older siblings went to Penn State before me. I fell in love with the campus from an early age visiting them, but I also did not want to be the only one to not go to Penn State, I’m not that much of a rebel.

Why did you join Sigma Chi? Was it your first choice or did you shop around other Fraternities?

There is a lineage of kids from my high school who are in—and  now alumni of—Sigma Chi at Penn State. So the decision to keep Sigma Chi on my short list of houses originated there, but then as I rushed around I had some great talks with some guys at the rush events. I felt that I was a fit there—down to earth, genuine guys made up the core of the house. Who would turn that down? I considered TKE, since my brother was there only a few years before, but Sigma Chi seemed to be a better fit by the time I got to college.

What is your favorite memory so far of your Sigma Chi experience?

I never really know how to answer these kinds of questions. But, as it specifically pertains to Sigma Chi, I would say our formals or Saturday game days at the house are my favorite. I would have to say that the moments I will miss the most are the ones where all of the guys were watching some great games in the great hall (whether it was the Super Bowl, the Big Ten Championship, or even Kobe Bryant’s last game). It’s great to have specific answers those “where were you when…” moments, and my answer will always be the Sigma Chi Great Hall with my friends for so many different moments.

Describe your duties as Consul of Alpha Chi

 I am an overseer of all chapter actions and practices, as well as representing the chapter when need be. This includes being on the President’s Council for the IFC, meeting with any PSU officials as the representative of the chapter, meeting with the landlords or alumni corporation, and running chapter meetings. Any decisions by committees in the house run through me and the executive committee (specifically our Pro-Consul Adam Holz, Jay Holler—house manager—and Jon Hansan, our treasurer).

What are some goals you hope to achieve as Consul this year?

Well, I wouldn’t say that have many personal goals as Consul this semester. I would rather say I have goals for the chapter, and I happen to be Consul while they happen, if that makes sense.  A lot of goals that I want aren’t things I can do by myself, so I cannot consider them “my goals.” So, Sigma Chi’s goals are pretty simple—maintain a top 10 THON fundraising ranking, get back in the Derby Days 20K club, initiate 25 guys for the entire school year, keep a good standing with the University, and keep the momentum up in implementing P4B—the new membership program. Those are our goals, and my goal is to work for them with my guys. Alpha Chi—going back to last semester—is one of the few chapters at Penn State who did not receive punishment from the University or the IFC. To keep this going into this semester, we have to have everyone on board. Thankfully, we initiated a bunch of great guys who understand that the rules put in by the IFC and University are not optional. So, going forward, if we just enforce the rules given to us, we will be okay.  

What is it about the current group of men in the Chapter that makes them stand out?

"It’s great to have specific answers those 'where were you when…' moments, and my answer will always be the Sigma Chi Great Hall with my friends for so many different moments."

We live by the mentality “Help yourself. Help others. Help yourself to help others.” Our house has a diverse group of guys with diverse background and upbringings. This truly stand out—we have guys in the honors college and ROTC, brothers who love to engage in THON and other find raisers and philanthropies, and men who are respectful to anyone they encounter. They are all smart, genuine, and hard working— we care about others, and care about each other.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join Sigma Chi at PSU?

It is important for anyone looking to join Sigma Chi to realize we do not wear our letters—both literally and metaphorically—to make ourselves seem cool or popular. If you are not willing to accept that the letters come with a responsibility, then perhaps Sigma Chi is not for you. But if you care about making a difference, than Sigma Chi is for you. Meet as many brothers as you can, get to know them on an individual level. We have guys who are a great judge of character in the house, and we will always give genuine interest in our house a chance!