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by Greg Kline 

On April 1, 2017 we had our after initiation brunch to honor our new pledges and to honor Dave Kline's last....For the last 15 years he has embraced the role of Chapter Advisor for the Sigma Chi, Alpha Chi chapter.  He made it known that after his 75th birthday he's going to be passing the torch as advisor, and assuming a less active role.  He wants to spend more time with his grandkids and fishing.  However, in true Dave Kline fashion, letting go is easier said than done. For a photo gallery of the ceremony, click HERE (You must be logged into the site to see the photos).

He has currently taken on another task by assisting the actives as a financial advisor where he will be helping them with house budget and smart spending practices.  This is something that can be an invaluable lesson when dealing with a multi-million dollar home and hundreds of thousands of dollars passing through the books while teaching them about solvency.   Dave is always looking for new and innovative roles as a mentor to assist these young men.  With the new sanctions on fraternities across Greek life at Penn State, Dave is looking to the future of Alpha Chi so that maybe one day his Grandson will have the honor of being Sig.  He's often said that one of his goals as advisor was to make sure Alpha Chi will be here forever.  "Thank You" Dave, for all your hard work and dedication to the young men, the house, and the Sigma Chi tradition which we know to be a Man of Good Character.