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Sigma Chi's Position Following Tragedy at Beta

By Chapter Adviser Dave Kline’ 64 — On the first February weekend of 2017, a new member (pledge) at the Beta house died in a tragic accident that most likely involved hazing and alcohol. The incident is still under investigation, and I will not speculate as to the outcome of the specific incident. However, I will pass on to our AX alumni the outcome for our fraternity and the other 45 fraternity chapters at Penn State.

Immediately, and for the remaining part of the 2017 spring semester, there will be no alcohol at any social event either in or outside of the fraternity house. Our pledge process was stopped for almost two weeks, but because of the National Sigma Chi P4B (Planning for Brotherhood) new member educational program, we have been given permission to complete the pledging process for our nine-member spring class.

Long range changes will be directed, and most likely accepted, that include the following:

  • Only beer and wine can be served.
  • Fraternity house parties cannot exceed the fire marshal’s house occupancy directive.
  • Bartenders must be certified.
  • Monitoring of underage drinking with immediate revocation of a chapter’s recognition for any violation.

These are just a few of the possible decisions being considered by the Penn State University.

For the AX alumni, I want you to know that for now we are complying with the directives. Future education and supervision will be essential in order to help our fraternity survive and be in compliance.

Current members are aware of the new policies. The current Consul and his Exec Committee have been very active in complying. Stay tuned!