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PSU grad, George Mason School of Law grad, Vietnam veteran, bronze star recipient, desk officer for the Arabian Peninsula with the Defense Intelligence Agency, devoted husband to, father, and grandfather.

Quite the resume, isn’t it? Suffice it to say, David G. Brickley ’65, has many accomplishments to be proud of. This values-based leader began his journey at 400 E. Prospect Ave. in State College, Pa., his home away from home- Sigma Chi.

“I looked at a few different fraternities,” recalled Brickley. “It came down to the fact that I liked the guys at Sigma Chi and was impressed. The fraternity was on campus at the time and we had a lot of fun, a lot of good people with their heads on straight.”

As far as favorite memories, Brickley cites initiation. “I had no idea what was coming next,” he said. “It was a very moving experience.”

He’s even held a few such ceremonies in his own home for Sigma Chi at George Mason. Brickley’s two sons are Sigs- one at GMU, the other at Arizona State University.

“I loved my time at Penn State,” said Brickley. “I shout its praises all the time, it’s a beautiful campus. I think it really helped shelter me from the upheaval happening around the world in the 60s. Ironically, I would end up serving in Vietnam. Happy Valley is its own universe, the campus different than a big city school. I am very thankful to have had the chance to go there- they promote all the right values. And because Penn State has the largest alumni group, I am forever running into people.”

Brickley cites Dave Kline ’64 as one of the great guys that helped lead the way in his era. “I came away learning a lot,” he said. “It’s important to do what we can to foster excellence for those who will be our future. I had the responsibility of being treasurer during my time as an undergraduate. That was small business 101. You’re dealing with dollars and cents- I would later go on to spend time in finance-related industry. Fraternities provide a remarkable path to excellence and a foundation to do the right thing and succeed.”

The Woodbridge, Va. Resident is President and CEO of the September 11 National Memorial Trail Alliance and under his leadership as the Director of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation from 1998-2002, Virginia was awarded the national gold medal award for “best-managed state park system in America.” Prior to that, Mr. Brickley was an elected member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1976-1998. He was also the legislative sponsor, co-founder, and chairman of the Virginia Railway Express; Virginia’s commuter rail system, and authored legislation creating Leesylvania State Park.

David has also served as an officer and trustee of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, and as the Virginia State Committee Chair. He has served on numerous conservation and trail organizations. In addition, Brickley personally purchased a 16-mile abandoned railroad corridor in King George County, Va., to protect it from being lost to development. As President of the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail Alliance, his goal is working with other volunteers to make this rails-to-trails project a part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail. The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy named David as one of their top 25 Rail-Trail Champions.

Brickley and his wife Lori currently reside in Woodbridge, Va., and have three children and four grandchildren.