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We recently received a submission from Anthony V. Di Puppo ’64. He writes:

“I'm living in New Oxford PA, on four acres with my daughter, son in law and two grandchildren. We have a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, and chickens that I maintain and I'm thoroughly enjoying my partial retirement. I have been teaching GED part time for LIU12 in Adams and York County for about 35 years and continue to do so.

I can't get to the reunions because of my work schedule but was at main campus the summer of 2014 for Summer Seminar for GED conducted by the Dept. of Ed. I hadn't been back for about 40 years and was amazed at the expansion. 

After graduation in 1964 I was assigned to the First Medical Battalion, First Infantry Division at Fort Riley, KS and crossed the puddle with them to Vietnam. I spent 13 months there and that convinced me the military was not a viable carrier choice. I returned home in Oct. 1966 and worked as a production foreman at Oscar Mayer in Philadelphia, then to Hanover Brands as plant manager and left in 1982 to open a retail/manufacturing leather business until 1997. My last full time position was Work Program Director and Facility Manager for Adams Hanover Counseling Service and it was the best job of my working carrier. I've gotten more satisfaction working for non-profits than any of the jobs I held in the private sector.

That's the short history – In Hoc”