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Again, in 2016, we have four new champions – the 2016 wearers of the coveted Tacky Jackets were proud participants in the Past Champions tradition of downing a bottle of nicely warmed Grand Marnier in the Great Hall. Though there was some questioning as to why we used Grand Marnier, Bill Johns, Rob Johnson, Chip Thome and Lucas Thome all participated with zeal in this ancient tradition.

“I love being back around the house,” said Scott Fozard '89. “Even though I live in State College, I don’t have a chance to get over there very often. It is great to see old friends and make new ones each year. These outings are what help us (the House Corporation), stay better connected with our Brothers. Aside from homecoming, there aren’t many other structured events that give us an “excuse” to get together as a larger group.”

After incredible turnout for 2015 (the 25th year), we were expecting a small dip in participation this year, but the Alpha Chi alums and their guest did themselves proud with 77 golfers on Friday, 91 on Saturday and about 95 for the traditional Steak Bake.

Brendan Sullivan, who won Gross Score Champion said:

"It was great being back in State College over the weekend and reuniting with my brothers. It really does get difficult to visit even my closest friends through out the year so to visit 20+ of them makes it all the better. This event is one of the highlights each year for me. It is great to see my my brothers again and reminisce of past times and enjoy a great weekend together. 

 I haven't been able to get out on the course as much as I would like to recently, but I have always scored pretty well. I shot 73 and lost in a match of cards three years ago. This year I won with a 77! I always seem to bring my A game during this event each year.  

I mostly enjoyed just being able to get out on the golf course with my brothers and enjoy a few drinks with them. With all of us moving to different cities for different jobs it is really difficult to get together. We have a great group of around 20 guys that graduated within 3/4 years of each other. All of us make an effort to play this event each year and I know my group will be back to add a second tacky jacket to the closet in the near future!"

Three 50-year Sigs were honored and Mark Carey received recognition for his 25 years of participation at the annual outing.

Not even the threat of severe thunderstorms (that never arrived…thank you AccuWeather) could dampen the spirits of the new jacket winners after carding a net 55 on their way to a 1-shot victory in a hotly contested race to the finish.

Team Thome (about as original a name as you can get) fought high winds and threatening skies that never released the threatened deluge upon the field to edge out a related team (Rick Lyons, Greg Jones, Brian McGuffin and Tyler Thome).

Team Strohm (Tom Strohm, Craig Mayer, Dave Repko and Gary Prowant) finished third with a net score of 58.

Scott Fozard was on team “Ash Men,” as they competed to snag the title of Gross Score Champions with a score of 62, which he claims did not come with support of his teammates.

“I golf once a week or so. I wish my teams supported me more during the rounds,” recalls Fozard. “Friday they tried to claim that I lost the yellow ball…well it’s not my fault someone made a noise in my back swing…at least that is the story I am sticking with. Saturday I almost drove the green on 15 and Merrell Ashley '93 tried to take credit for it. I distinctly heard my ball hit off the car driving down the road and it simply had to take a favorable kick about 100 yards forward and dead left…right to the front of the green. Merrell was just jealous! It’s a burden I carry often.”