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Q: What were the most valuable things you gained from Sigma Chi?
Moffett: “Having the comradeship of the brothers. It help with joining the Jaycees, Kiwanis, etc.”

Q: What is your favorite Sigma Chi memory?
Moffett: “Starting ‘Derby Day’

Q: Why did you decide to join a fraternity in the first place and what made Sigma Chi stand out?
Moffett: “My friend was a Phi Delt, but after visiting most of the fraternities on campus, I felt that Sigma Chi was the friendliest. I enjoyed the old brick house. I roomed in the Cave.”

Q: What was life like after college? Did you get that “dream” job? Start a family?
Moffett: “I left Penn State on a Sunday in mid March1962 and on Wednesday I was in the Army at Fort Dix. After training as a radio operator, I was stationed in Vicenza, Italy in the Army Security Agency. I purchased a Fiat sports car and made many trips to Venice, Italy and got to see a lot of Italy, Austria and Germany, especially for October Fest. In March 1964 I returned to the states and was discharged. I started working in Cleveland, Ohio with General Electric Lamp Division. In 1970 I was offered a position in Los Angeles as the Studio Engineer calling on the motion pictures and TV studios. After a couple of years, I took a new job as an engineer with a company in the Aerospace industry. Also spent 3 years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on several satellite programs. Then I took employment with Hughes Space and Communication Co. in El Segundo working on the designs of solar arrays for satellites.  I retired in May 2000.
I got married in Cleveland to my wife, Carolyn, in 1965. She had never been west of the Mississippi until I took her to LA. She passed away in 2010.
We had 2 children; Kenneth and Sharon.  Sharon has 2 children, Scott (16) and Karlie (13). They live locally so I see the a lot and really enjoy their love. Kenneth passed away this year.”

Q: Where are you now? What types of things are you active in?
Moffett: “I belong to Kiwanis, St. Andrews Society of Los Angeles as Treasurer, Clan Moffat Society as Treasurer, Scottish Knights Templar. I have traveled most of the world: China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland 5 times, Wales, England, Ireland, Canada, Alaska cruise two times, Caribbean cruises twice, Barcelona to Venice cruise, the Baltic Sea cruise, cruised the St. Lawrence, and Cabo plus most of the US.”