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Getting together with old fraternity brothers always serves to be a good time. This held true for Ted Junker '59, Jim Keith '58, Jay Corrigan '57, Dick Mohler '57, John Haas '58, Norb Connors '60, Dave Morrow '59, Dan Johnston '61, and Jim Faunce '57 when they got together at Junker’s house in Marco Island, Florida on March 25. Along with these brothers, there were also three former sweethearts in attendance, Fran Cox Nodland '57, Joanne "Toots" Yergey Keith '58, and Larrian Johnston '61. We were able to get in contact with Ted Junker to see how the event played out for the all of those in attendance, and it certainly seems like fun!

The “Sig Gig”, as so cleverly named by Fran, has been hosted by Junker for the past three winters. He has a home in Marco Island and many of the other attendees live around the “Greater Naples Area” as described by Ted. Fran and Ted set the date back in December and made sure to include a little “save the date” in their Christmas cards this year. While they were all there, they spent most of their time on the beautiful Lanai in Junker’s backyard and listened to music (what he refers to as the “ideal setting"). Since there were three former sweethearts in attendance, the men ended the “Sig Gig” by serenading the women with the “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi” song!

Junker, Keith and Corrigan opened their homes to those who attended. Ted lives about 20 miles south of Naples, Florida and Keith and Corrigan aren't too far away. While they all live pretty close together, there are more Sigma Chi’s in the area! One lives 50 miles north in Fort Myers, and another just 20 miles north of there. While these alumni are not as close, they’re still in the same general area.

After telling us a bit more about the “Sig Gig”, Junker gave us some insight into his days as a brother of Sigma Chi at Penn State.

His decision to join Sigma Chi was an easy one for multiple reasons, the main one being that they were all good guys that he liked. Back in his days at Penn State, there were only five fraternities on campus and the Sig Chi house was less than a block away from Rec Hall, right across the street from Fiji, and next to Sigma Nu. The location of the house was ideal and convenient, so that was definitely a plus. Today, this is where the IST building resides on campus.

The fall of 1955 brought changes to the way Ted’s time at Penn State would unfold as a brother of Sigma Chi. If he had to choose one day that had a major impact on his life at Sigma Chi, he would choose the day of his initiation. “The ritual leaves a lifetime impression and is one of my favorite memories,” stated Junker via phone. He stated that this is one of the most profound memories he has of Sigma Chi.

While his initiation day is the most profound memory of his days in Sigma Chi, there are many other fond memories that he remembers superbly, and they mostly involve social affairs and other things of that nature. Junker said, “I remember participating in subsequent initiations and I had a couple of little brothers. Even when I got married, my big brother Bob Scrabis was there. There were a few other Sigma Chi brothers in my wedding. Jim Keith was my roommate for 2 years and was also in my wedding party. Also, Phil Reese who was a pledge brother of mine was in my wedding but he unfortunately passed away at a young age.” He was happy to have so many close friends to share in such a memorable moment of his life.

Since graduating from Penn State, Junker spent a career in banking. He ran his own bank as chairman and CEO in Erie, Pennsylvania called Marine Bank. Eventually, he sold this bank and worked for PNC as a vice-chairman and board member of PNC, from where he retired. While working in Erie, PA, Junker was very involved with the Penn State Behrend Campus. He and his late wife gave a substantial gift to the Behrend campus and have a center that carries their name, The Junker Center, which is home to basketball games for both men and women. Along with the basketball games, it also has a rather nice swimming pool, weight rooms and locker rooms.

Junker graduated from the University Park campus and thoroughly enjoys attending alumni events there. He typically attends the Golf Outing, but was sad to say that he will not be able to attend this year. He has attended in the past with some others and formed an eight-man group that Jim Keith named the “AARP 4”.

To the undergraduate students, Ted would like to say a few words of advice: Study hard and don’t do anything to endanger the integrity of Sigma Chi. “I think they’re doing a really good job with the house and I am happy to be able to financially support it,” said Junker in reference to all of the renovations that have been done over the past few years.

Ted is proud to say that he has kept in close contact with many of those brothers with whom he was associated during his days at Sigma Chi Penn State. He sees many of the brothers when they go to Florida and visit for one reason or another. There were a few brothers who typically attend the "Sig Gig" who could not make it this year, but he intends to keep in contact and continue inviting them to future “Sig Gigs”.