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Sigma Chi has one of the best fraternity events on campus, ever. Your golf outing and steak bake is easily one of the highest year-after-year attended events for all fraternity alumni. Good on you! You should be proud of that.

So here’s where we can improve to not only host the best fraternity event on campus, but be the best fraternity on campus...

We’re looking to grow, a lot. We are wearing some mighty big boots, and we can totally fill those up with your help. We must get the annual fund to match the success of the golf outing. By actively pursuing the annual fund, our communications costs are covered, as are our web and data fees, which ends up leaving a lot of room for your activities.

Would you like an even better golf outing? Just put some money in the bucket and you will get what you ask for. Want to be asked for less when it comes to capital payments? Pay into the annual fund for a smaller number later! The annual fund can only benefit you!

Click the donate button at the top right. Let this be the year of you and invest in yourself!