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If you think about the annual financial needs of our chapter — resources that simply help us keep the lights on, alumni engaged and high-potential young men knocking on our door during rush — we really do have a lot to accomplish each year to meet our goals. So, which decade do you think is charging ahead (based on numbers of donors) in this giving year?


Thank you to our brothers from the 1970s for taking this leadership position. Our brothers from the 1960s are not far behind. However, the reality is that among a total of 22 donors this year (since October 1), we have recorded only $2,325 in annual gifts toward our goal of $30,000 for this year. We need these contributions in order to address critical items on our wish list this year. Our most pressing needs include:


* Replace the hardwood floor (needed in the next 2 years)
* Replace windows in individual rooms
* Provide new benches for the chapter room
* Continue basement renovation

We are counting on additional participation at the midpoint of our giving year to reach our goal by September 30. Thus, we are issuing a challenge to see which decade of Alpha Chi brothers will be recognized on May 1 as our #1 Decade of 2014.

To make your contribution, click here.