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There’s one Alpha Chi alum who really knows how to enjoy retirement!  Ed Dionne ’65 is spending his years back home in Happy
 Valley, and publishing tails about life as a young veterinarian.  His new book, Warm Hearts for Cold Noses: Unusual “Tails” of a Young Veterinarian is based on real-life cases he encountered in those struggling years after he graduated from vet school. 

On his website, Ed writes: “Like most new graduates, a generous amount of guidance and patience is needed as one transitions from a classroom setting to the real world.  Eight years of schooling cannot adequately prepare young veterinarians for the unusual cases that they will undoubtedly encounter.  That takes a lifetime.”

Ed retired to the Penn State area (in Boalsburg) with his wife, Tina ’64, to be near 3 of his 5 grandchildren.  Ed and Tina have been involved in numerous volunteer activities including Special Olympics and Heifer Project International.

To learn more about Ed’s book, visit his website at www.edwarddionne.com.

Congrats to Ed for moving back to the State College area! Reconnect with Ed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..