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We are saddened to report the passing of longtime benefactor and the brother for which our house is named. H. Campbell "Cal" Stuckeman died in his Pittsburgh home on Thursday, November 15.

"Mr. Alpha Chi," as he was sometimes referred to as, was an influence in the lives of many Penn Staters, and his contributions are evident across campus. Cal was the primary supporter and catalyst behind the chapter house renovation. Not only did Cal provide the cornerstone leadership gift, but he continued to up his gift to ensure the chapter's long-term financial health. This support, combined with years of supporting the AX Scholarship Fund, is an enduring testament to his conviction and generosity to our fraternity.

We mourn his loss and are eternally grateful for his friendship.

Click here to read a 2011 profile on Cal, published in The Penn State Sig. Stay tuned for more stories and memories of Brother Stuckeman.