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Brother Greg Kline '07 was raised with the values of Sigma Chi, but didn't have time to join while at Penn State in the '90s because of a heavy class and workload. Despite not having time to join while in college, Greg still earned the privilege of becoming an Alpha Chi brother through unconventional means.

Greg writes: 'I had the honor of becoming a Sigma Chi via the Non-Student Initiate Program. Although, I did attend and graduate from Penn State in 1999, as an undergrad I had to work full time and attend classes, which made fraternity life unrealistic if I were to someday graduate. My father, Dave Kline '64, is also a Penn State alum and Sig who made it possible for him to pass on the honor, tradition and Sigma Chi legacy to me, his son. I found the role of a Sigma Chi fitting and came easy for me. You see, my father raised me with the Sigma Chi values that he learned so long ago, and instilled them into my daily life. After I graduated from Penn State, in 1999, I joined the United States Army Infantry and served in the 2nd Brigade, 14th Regiment Alpha Company in the 10th Mountain Division. After being injured, by a non combat injury, I was medically discharged from the Army but continued serving my country working as a Government contractor at the Pentagon and NSA, where I currently work today as a System Administer with IBM. It wasn't until 2007 that I went through initiation and was presented with the White Cross, the same white cross that my father had worn, and I still wear with pride today.

In the past few years I have been able to attend many more initiations and help with the initiation process. I've stopped by the tailgates at football games, supported the Brothers at THON and I stop by the Alpha Chi house several times every year and get to meet the new brothers and pledges and talk of the benefits of brotherhood. I'm proud to be a Sigma Chi and will carry that pride for the rest of my life. My father made it possible for me to be part of that tradition and will be eternally grateful to him and the Fraternity for making it possible. Thank you all for giving me the honor of being a Sig."