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Sigma Chi Brothers,


This is a short email to let you know that we have 20 new AX brothers. We had over 400 young men visit the house this past fall. We gave out 32 bids and we started with 22, so our initiation rate of 20 is outstanding.

Initiation went well this past Friday evening thanks to the active brothers and many alumni who came to help. A special thanks to Jeff Murison who drove from NC to play the part of Constantine. Also assisting me doing interviews were Dr. Ray Nungesser, Kai Kaapro and Matt Siekman. Also attending the initiation was Brother Greg Kline and three brothers from another Sigma Chi Chapter.

Brother Andrew Charles will assume duties of the Alpha Chi Consul starting this evening at the weekly Chapter meeting. He has served as the Pro-Consul the past six months. He has also attended two BLTW sessions. I expect Charles to perform his duties in an outstanding manner. If you have time send Andrew an encouraging email and maybe congratulate him for being elected as Consul. His email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We have also been informed that BLTW will be at Purdue this summer. We were also told that we can take more brothers than last year. I am hoping to send (really take, since I will be going along) at least 20 AX brothers to the annual leadership session.

If you know any AX brother (or any Sigma Chi) who does not receive my AX Chapter Advisors e-newsletter, and they would like to be added, just send me their email address and I will add it to my list.

Your Penn State Sigma Chi Chapter is doing well and many of the brothers are involved in other organizations and activities outside of the house. Even now, for next year, we have over 45 brothers scheduled to live in the house which assures a very strong financial position.

In Hoc,
Dave Kline '64
AX Chapter Advisor