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Our brothers from the 1960s barely outshined those from other eras by showing the highest levels of participation with our alumni group, in terms of support of the annual fund.

Below is a breakdown of 2010-11 annual fund donors by decade of graduation. Percentages reflect that graduating decade's level of participation among our overall annual fund donors this year.

1930s: 2.80%
1940s: 4.67%
1950s: 14.95%
1960s: 24.30%
1970s: 23.36%
1980s: 11.21%
1990s: 11.21%
2000s: 5.61%

Click here to see who they are on the Honor Roll. And help to rally up support for your class and decade by adding your name to the list! Make your donation before the giving year ends August 31.