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Fall Semester 2009 at Penn State found our newly renovated AX house at full capacity. The new pledge class started at 26 members. We lost two members along the way, but in January 2010 we initiated 24 new brothers. Two fathers were able to return and pin the White Cross on their son's chest.

Brother George Cascino '66 pinned his son Dylan. George was also a brother when I attended Penn State so his presence at an initiation had a special meaning for me.

Brother John Thome '69 surprised his son, Lucas, at the ceremony, too. By Saturday morning, January 16th AX had 24 new brothers. House Corp President Ryan Touchton '01 took the new brothers and others to breakfast at Eat 'n Park.
Homecoming was well attended and everyone had a great time telling old lies and comparing stories about their days at Penn State and Sigma Chi.

We had four applications for Horizons Workshop 2010. I expect to have at least one brother selected and maybe two guys this year. All applications are well qualified so getting two guys selected would not surprise me.

The spring semester is very busy. We just started a new pledge class of 10. This is impressive because only 11 bids were passed out. The actives decided to concentrate on getting quality more so than quantity. I have to agree with their decision. In addition the brothers are active in THON, Parents Weekend, Province Conference, Derby Days, and Greek Week. There are few open, if any, open weekends. They are busy!

This past, year last year's AX Consul was elected to serve as the Fraternity Purchasing Association president. Matt Dolan did an excellent job as Consul and continues his leadership by heading the FPA Board of Directors. Many of grads have successfully secured jobs starting this spring and summer in spite of a slow economy; again a sign of the outstanding leadership principles we are teaching our members.

I still would like to add any AX brother's email address to my AX Chapter Advisor's E-Newsletter. If you'd like to get current information about your chapter, see page 1 for instructions on how to update your email address. You can also serve AX by becoming an alumni Big Brother.

Your Chapter at Penn State is strong, growing, and achieving the fraternity's objectives by developing young leaders for the fraternity, Penn State and our Country.

In hoc,
Dave Kline '64, Chapter Advisor
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