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The AX actives have put together a new web page that I suggest you visit. Information is current and includes recruitment news plus weekly information about activities. Try www.sigmachipsu.org. The AX House Corporation has also prepared a great web page at www.pennstatesig.com. You might want to add both to your favorites list.

Rush is going well. This year there seems to be a large number of legacies...at least eight guys have indicated they have relatives who are Sigma Chis. We are hoping for a pledge class of "around" 25 members.

I spent two hours at rush last night. I was impressed with the number of great candidates. We will work hard at acquiring quality guys.

Last night at our weekly chapter meeting I was able to present our first AX military lapel award to Brother William Hennessy.

If you have served in any of our military services you qualify. Please contact me for an application form.

I have another concern. Brother Bill Hennessy talked to me after the chapter meeting. He has lost one of his grants and cannot afford the $1300 required of out-of-the house brothers. This fee covers dues, operational costs, and social fees. He is willing to sign a loan note to be repaid after he graduates. He does not want to be disaffiliated because of a lack of funds. If any alumni brother feels he can loan Brother Hennessy the funds he requires to remain active let me know and I'll put you in contact with him. Even if he could receive a loan for this semester that would give him time to work on next semester. This is not a gift but a loan. If you have any suggestions send them to me.

Our new house manager, Brother Pat Nard, has been very active. He recently organized a work day and has spread new mulch completely around the exterior of the house. New lights have been installed around the Greek letters "EX" and look really great at night. The house is being well maintained and your investment in our renovation has helped greatly with recruitment.

Hope you will be here for Homecoming. Stop by the house. I'm sure there will be information on the web sites. Introduce yourself to new pledges and brothers and tell them about your Sigma Chi experience...they're getting tired of hearing mine! If you live near State College feel free to stop by the house anytime and meet and greet the guys.

Should you need any help from me or need information, just send me an email. I am also adding new email names to my data base all the time, so if you know an AX brother who is not getting this email, and would like to, just send me his address.

The parent of an active brother recently asked me, "What does a Chapter Advisor do?" That question took me by surprise and I had to stop and think about it. Of course there are many things, but I decided my job is "growing young leaders" for the future of Sigma Chi and our country. Help me do that.

I bid you God's speed, my brothers, your AX house at Penn State is upholding the high traditions and standards we have all come to expect.

In Hoc,
Dave Kline '64
AX Chapter Advisor