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AX conducted its annual golf weekend the last weekend in May.


Over 110 people attend the "steak bake" that started around 4:30 Saturday afternoon. It was probably one of the largest we have had. Congratulations to Tom Giacalone '88 and his committee who organized a great weekend for us.

I'll let the AX House Corporation and the Golf Committee pass on to you the details to include the golf awards.

Jim Lundy '82 was presented the Order of Constantine. It is the highest Sigma Chi honor that can be achieved. Jim has been served as the AX Chapter Advisor, House Corp President and the Grand Praetor for our area. The award was well deserved. Congratulations, Jim!

Several actives and recent grads returned to participate in the golf tournament along with older alumni.

There were a few highlights that I'd like to tell you about. Glen Kirsch '70 won the traveling "trophy fish award" for the second year.

But the highlight for me was the return of Bob Church '63. Bob called me Friday evening to ask if the fishing trip was still planned for Saturday. I told him we were going and he said that he would drive up from Silver Springs Maryland and ride around with us. I haven't seen Bob since 1964! It was great catching up on the last 45 years. We convinced Bob to drive to State College for the cookout. He has promised to return next year. Bob, don't wait another 45 years to make contact.

But for me the day's highlight was the presentation of the "David A Kline Chapter Advisor's Consul Award". For the past several years I have presented the outgoing AX Consul with a Sigma Chi Badge. The plaque contains thirty-six (36) smaller brass tags on which will be etched the outgoing Consul's name and his time as Consul. It's something that will honor every AX Consul for the next couple decades. Thanks to the House Corporation President, Ryan Touchton '01 and Grand Praetor Bill Sapoch for the honor of having my name on the award and to honor all of the future AX Consuls. Thanks guys for your efforts and recognition.

Summer has descended on State college and we are planning our trip to Chapel Hill, NC for the annual Sigma Chi Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Looks like we will be taking over 10 brothers this year.

AX now boasts over 100 active members. The house will be full for the fall semester of 2009. I expect we will have a fall pledge class of 20+ pledges that will boost active membership well above the century mark. The increase in membership opens up a whole new window of management challenges for the chapter officers and for me, too. But it is a "good problem" to have in these days of bashing fraternities and seeing most chapters declining in their membership.

You can support your AX Chapter by acting as an alumni Big Brother. There are currently 20+ alumni who have agreed to become alumni big brothers but I would like to have a few more. Also try and plan to attend one of our two annual initiations. Alumni are always welcome to attend.

Well, as usual, this email is longer than I wanted but I did want to bring you up-to-date on the happenings in your AX Chapter.

Have a great summer.

In Hoc,

Dave Kline '64
AX Chapter Advisor