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By Dave Kline

A few weeks ago was the annual Blue and White Weekend. Penn State won!

We also conducted our spring initiation. On Saturday morning we brought into our ranks twelve (12) new brothers. Alpha Chi, for the first time ever, has gone over the century mark for active membership. This fall semester, after initiation in December, our active membership will be in the 115 member range. There are only 19 Sigma Chi Chapters, out of over 220, that have a membership over 100. The success goes directly to the actives for their efforts in recruitment, attendance at BLTW and having 95% of the membership attend Mission 365 instruction last year.

We just filled out the last page of the current Alpha Chi Roll Book. Some interesting information showed that over a 57 year period AX averaged 18.1 new brothers per year. Since November 7, 1981 to April 25, 2009 we initiated 523 young men into our fraternity. I will be ordering a new roll book from National...a new beginning. If you plan on returning for Golf Weekend please review your Roll Book page and update your info.

ALL MILITARY VETS: Sigma Chi has developed a military lapel pin for all Sigs who have served their country. If you qualify, please send me an email with your snail mail address. I'll forward you an application. Let's see if we can get 15 vets recognized at Golf Weekend!

At the semester's final Chapter meeting this past Sunday I had several seniors stop me and ask to be AX Big Brothers. One even wants to learn the Constantine part of our ritual. One of my goals as the AX Chapter Advisor is to keep good brothers active as alumni...hopefully that will occur.

This summer, at the end of July, we hope to take 20 brothers to the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop in Chapel Hill, NC. This is the single most important event we do to develop leadership, bond, and build AX brotherhood. You can support BLTW by donating to the House Corp fund.

Another year at Penn State is almost over. We had a very successful year at the chapter. AX was second out of 51 fraternities in Greek Week, within the top 5 in IM athletics, held many leadership positions outside the fraternity, and achieved a members number that ranks among the top fifty-one fraternities at Penn State. You can be proud to say, "I am a Sigma Chi from Penn State!