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The Alpha House Corporation has been awarded the 2008 outstanding House Corporation Award from the Grand Officers. We were selected from scores of other applicants. However, change is a constant element to effectively managing our chapter.
As indicated to the left, there has been a change in faces for the AX House Corporation but unwavering support for the principles that made our chapter the most progressive and recognized fraternity at Penn State. There are brothers who answered the call of duty to our chapter for a long time and their efforts cannot pass unrecognized.

Past President Byron Woodrum, '83 served in an executive role for the better portion of a decade. Under Byron's watch, we saw a surge in donations, the complete renovation of our chapter house and growth of our flagship golf tournament. Byron stepped aside last fall and is now in an ex-officio role advising the new board and enjoying his board "retirement."

Likewise, Scott Cassara '84 and Doug Keith '85 stepped back from active roles in managing our finances and handed the reigns over to Bob Peruzzi '00. Some other folks who have also stepped down include Jerry Wade '84, Mike Guelker '85 and Robert Jones '49 among many others. The entire brotherhood and the chapter owes these gentleman a sincere thank you and tip-of-the-hat for their contributions over the years.