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Thanks to Bob Jones '49 for participating in this semester's alumni Q&A. Bob reflects on life in the old house and those lifelong friends who cross to oceans to rekindle the Sigma Chi spirit.

Bob reports: "I was initated in the fall of 1945; that's 64 years of being a Sig, and it feels better every year! The old house on campus was occupied by the military so the Sigs lived in an apartment downtown, but many of us pledges lived in boarding houses. We all moved back into the old house the following semester, where I was initiated. We pledges, many ex-GIs, spent many pledge nights digging out the basement to install a bar and party room!

Back in the house, I was privileged to room with John Sidersly and Tufen Iolster, both from Argentina. They both had attended an English language high school in Bueno Aries. If it weren't for WWII at the time, they both would have gone to college in Jolly Old England. They were delightful fellows and we have kept in touch all these years. When they came back for their 50th reunion, I went back from California to attend with them. The next hear they both came back for my 50th, Siddy from Paris and Tufen from Argentina! What a brotherhood! Sadly, Tufen passed away this year."

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