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You asked for my comments as to my reasons for support Sigma Chi at Penn State.


I arrived in September of 1932 with three high school classmates. Fraternity rushing began immediately. My father, a Penn State graduate, wanted me to join a fraternity because he missed the experience.

After graduation I had the experience to work in Philadelphia and Harrisburg and thus visited the Chapter on my travels. I participated in the 50th Anniversary of the Chapter where I met three of the founders.

In 1942 I moved to Milwaukee. Soon after arrival I attended a Sigma Chi dinner. I became acquainted with one brother who lived in my area and he introduced me to many neighbors with whom we became lifelong friends.

Returning to Pittsburgh in 1952 I began my re-association with Penn State and the Alpha Chi Chapter. The House was small which required the sophomores to live in the college dormitory. We formed a committee to raise funds for an addition, however, this failed. We did not have enough alumni to obtain the necessary funds. Fortunately, alumni were able to finance the acquisition of another fraternity which could better serve the brothers.

I believe it an advantage for men and women to participate in the Greek system. A large university like Penn State provides the opportunity to share experiences with classmates and brothers in a close association. This atmosphere is so helpful in future business and social life. We must provide and maintain a Chapter House and the brothers must learn to manage the operation. This experience is invaluable.

By contributing over the years I have observed the fellowship and friendship that occurs. The golf outing is an indication of this mutual interest and respect. Scholarships are important and therefore, a few awards are granted for achievement.

I am interested in doing what I can to make college and fraternity life an enjoyable experience.

In hoc,

H. Campbell Stuckeman