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Greetings Brother,
Sigma Chi publishes a membership directory every five years and has engaged Harris Connect, LLC to produce a current version together with enhancing the Sigma Chi web experience. Work has begun on this 2010 Directory, an invaluable tool in a world where building and maintaining a strong personal network has become essential.

Your pledge brothers may be trying to reach you with important news, or they may simply wish to drop you an e-mail. The long-lost roommate you've been thinking about, but never quite had the time to locate, could be within reach if your contact information were up to date in our records.

You can also access your profile by going to the URL: www.memberconnections.com/mylisting.

This important directory will contain complete listings of all members in good standing with Sigma Chi, along with their e-mail addresses and other professional and personal information, to help meet your networking needs. Our goal is to make this enhanced publication the most comprehensive member reference available. As a result, biographical information we gather will also be included for all members in our database.

Thank you for taking this moment to ensure that we have your most current information. By taking this opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the information for this directory, you will be able to stay close to members who continue to make a difference in your life.

In hoc signo vinces,
Bob Jones
65th Grand Consul

P.S. Harris Connect's commitment to protecting the privacy and ensuring the integrity of the information collected for the directory is reflected in their privacy policy on-line at www.harrisconnect.com/privacy.html