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AX Brothers,
It gives me great pleasure to announce to the AX alumni that the active brothers passed out 24 bids and had 18 accept for the spring class of 2009.I expect we will lose some, but our goal is to initiate 10-12 brothers this spring. That will give us a school year total of 35+ new AX brothers. Our active undergraduate membership will be approaching the century mark.

We just finished the Province Workshop where we had over 20 brothers attend. Our Peterson application won us the Province Award of $2,000.00. The actives have pledged the majority of this money to supporting this summer's Balfour Leadership Workshop. Our goal is to send at least 20+ actives to BLTW at a cost of over $7,000.00.

Our renovated house is already filled to max capacity starting in the fall of 2009.

Our past Consul, Matt Dolan has been elected as the President of the Fraternity Purchasing Association; an organization that saves the Greek organizations at Penn State many thousands of dollars each year. Other brothers are taking an active role in campus organizations and promoting the the name of sigma Chi. Many of our brothers are selected for internships in all industries.

THON will be here next week and they are gearing up to participate in the 48 hour event.

I told the new pledges tonight that my "pay" as the Chapter Advisor is to see young men grow and mature to become leaders so that when they leave Penn State they will be equipped for the many challenges in their future lives. That's the AX and the Sigma Chi Challenge: develop successful leaders. And we are on our way to doing just that with your help.

I hope many of you can return this spring for our initiation.If you want to know the exact date send me an email and I'll keep you informed.

I will be "out of the net" for several days. Tomorrow (Monday) I will have my second (right) knee operation. It takes time to heal and many hours of therapy, but when the healing is over it's like having a new knee, pain free, and since fishing season will soon be upon us here in Happy Valley, I want to be able to participate in catching my share of trout and bass.

In Hoc,

Dave Kline '64
AX Chapter Advisor