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Continuing a name and a tradition is truly something special to be a part of. Being able to carry the name over several years is something special as well. For Joe and Josh Popowycz, they keep the Sigma Chi legacy in the family as they are both members of the Alpha Chi Chapter. And, they're hoping to add a third to their legacy, as their youngest brother plans to attend Penn State next year.

Joe’s Responses (Older Brother)

What was your first impression of your Chapter?

The first time I walked into Sigma Chi, I knew it was something that interested me. I saw a group of great friends enjoying their college experience together.

Did you encourage Josh to join Sig Chi? How or why?

I believe I was the reason Josh joined Sigma Chi. He had visited while he was still in high school on several occasions. The way he saw that I lived and experienced everything Sigma Chi had to offer from friendship to brotherhood had to be part of the reason he decided Sigma Chi. The brothers at the time welcomed him with open arms from the time they first met.

From your impression of their experience, what aspects of fraternity life seem to have changed since your college years? What parts seem to have stayed the same?

The way that the brotherhood and fraternity still does everything together; the same issues still arise and the problems are tackled the same way. The chapter is still solving these problems and finding many ways to be successful. The house seems to have more brothers living in it now which is more proof that the chapter is on the way up.

What was the top campus hangout for Sig Chis during your college years?

It all depended on the day of the week and time of the day. When it came down to it, you knew you could find brothers hanging and something going on at the house.

What life skills did you gain from your time at Sigma Chi?

Dealing with a variety of issues gave me the skills that make me successful today including issues to being involved in weekly chapter meetings to getting approval from city officials.

In what ways are you still involved with the fraternity today?

I still visit the fraternity on football weekends to see Josh and some of the younger brothers to both share my experiences and hear their stories.

What is your best memory from your undergraduate days?

There are too many memories to pick one. The best memories include football weekends.

What does it mean to you to have Josh follow in your Sig Chi footsteps?

It's been great having Josh experience what I had the opportunity to just a few years ago. We can share great memories and discuss our growth as individuals. Hopefully in the near future our youngest brother can experience the same as he follows in our footsteps as a Penn Stater in the fall.

Josh’s Responses (Younger Brother)

What was your first impression of your chapter?

The first impression that I had of Sigma Chi Alpha Chi was welcoming and a fun place to meet new people throughout my college career.

Did your brother encourage you to join Sig Chi? How or why?

Joe played a little bit of a role in my decision to join Sigma Chi. I remember my senior year of high school coming up to a football game and parents weekend that really helped to make an impact on my decision. Joe, I think indirectly helped to make my decision on choosing Sigma Chi by providing me with opportunity to see its greatness and what it had to offer.

How did he react when you joined the fraternity?

I think he was very proud and excited for me to be able to experience what he had already been experiencing for 2 years. It also helped to create a closer bond between the 2 of us because of Sigma Chi.

How do you feel about being part of his legacy?

Continuing a name and a tradition is truly something special to be a part of. Being able to carry the name over several years is something special as well. Our youngest brother will be coming to Penn State next year as well so it would truly be something if the name continues within Sigma Chi. Every individual, however, gets to make his own name in Sigma Chi which allows me or anybody to make his own name and stories during a collegiate career.

What do you think made you both a good fit for Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi provided us with opportunity to become ourselves. That is something every individual is looking for when they come to college and Sigma Chi gave us this opportunity. Sigma Chi also allowed us to have that family away from home. All the brothers help to make this a home away from home. Sigma Chi provided this opportunity for guidance, leadership, and individuality.

Do you both have any shared memories from the fraternity?

THON is an especially great shared memory that we have through the fraternity. Joe had the privilege to dance 2 years ago and I was able to be down on the floor at some points to help him through the pain and difficulty of standing for 46 hours. Other shared memories that I have that we shared are also quite simple. I remember times of just sitting around sharing stories, laughing, debating and watching sporting events. I also remember hanging out in the yard and tossing the baseball or football.

The last big memory that I have with Joe and other fraternity members was our intramural basketball team. Joe and I had a team that was affiliated with Sigma Chi, but had mostly all fraternity members. Our team name was "Scrub Squad". We were able to play together and since we knew each others games we were able to read each other and play well together.

What life skills do you expect to gain from your time in Sigma Chi?

Key life skills that Sigma Chi helped me to strengthen are responsibility, leadership, character, and teamwork. These life skills are crucial in general and in the work force. Sigma Chi helped me to further these skills through different events or positions.

What is your best Sig Chi memory to date?

My best Sigma Chi memory to date is very difficult to decide because there truly has been so many great events that have occurred during my time. Every home football weekend is surely hard to beat. Hanging out with all the brothers before the game, going into the game together, and sitting in the stands together to support Penn State is truly an awesome experience. Other memories that always seem to be fun are the impromptu events that occur. One year there were a few of us that went to Cleveland to watch LeBron James return to Cleveland for the first time. We got those tickets in the afternoon and immediately hit the road to get to the game on time. There are so many great memories and these are just 2 of them.

What are your future plans?

My future plans for after graduation is to become a high school history Teacher; along with my teaching I also aspire to become a basketball coach and a golf coach. Down the road, several years, I would be interested in becoming an administrator; such as a principal or superintendent. This would require some additional schooling as well.