• While active chapters of other fraternities are drawing negative attention to themselves and the Greek Community, Sigma Chi Actives are doing their best to separate themselves, do good and endear the chapter to the local community!

    The actives will be putting out a community newsletter twice this year introducing themselves to neighbors in downtown State College and also volunteering their time to help out with community initiatives.

  • No Penn State player played the past few weeks with as heavy a heart as Anthony Zettel, whose father passed away the day before Penn State’s game against San Diego State after a long battle with cancer. Click below for a short Q&A with Zettel, our Nittany Lion of the Month.

  • We recently wrapped up our 2014-15 giving year with pretty good results. Sigma Chi raised just under $17,000 thanks to donations from 117 generous brothers. Thanks again to all who gave back!

  • We’d like to thank Brothers Anthony Agnone, David Shields, John Rommel and Remmie Butchko for their continued support of Alpha Chi with their generous contributions for 2015.

  • Penn Staters know that State College becomes the commonwealth’s third-largest city on Penn State football game days. With more than 100,000 fans packed into the stadium, Homecoming is always a very special weekend and few need incentive to make the trip back to town.

    But in case you’ve forgotten, need any motivation or are wondering what will make this year stand out from other Homecoming weekends, keep reading!

  • Like the bonds we forged in Sigma Chi, Penn State football players share a special camaraderie in their own. Turn on almost any NFL team’s game on Sundays – or Mondays or Thursdays – and you’ll find that Nittany Lion football brotherhood strongly represented.

    When the NFL season began on Sept. 10, Penn State was one of the best-represented college teams with 32 former Nittany Lions on professional rosters. An additional 10 are members of coaching staffs.

  • Seven years after its debut, the Sigma Chi Foundation’s Bell Chapter Challenge is making a big impact. And thanks to contributions from our alumni, our actives are reaping the benefits.

  • Brothers Jeff Pruner ’65 and Dave Wilbert ’68 celebrated joint birthdays on July 11 with their lovely spouses, Sharon and Marsha. Jeff & Sharon were also celebrating their 50th anniversary which occurred on July 9. Both live in the 55+ community of Sweetwater in Jacksonville, FL.

    Dave & Jeff have an open invitation for any ZX brothers to visit to catch up on old times and to play some golf.  

    -- Jeffrey C. Pruner '65 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Football season is approaching and it’s time to look at – and discuss – where Penn State fits in the Big Ten picture.

  • So far, we’ve raised $13,592.17 from 102 donors, and we are thankful to have such strong alumni support. We are just $2,407.83 shy of our goal, and are counting on you to help us reach our mark of $16,000 and 140 donors. Thank you to those who have already contributed this year. If you haven't done so yet, click here to make your donation today!

  • More than a month after the Sigma Chi Golf Classic, a new video has surfaced!

    Many of you were there but for those who weren’t, check out brothers John Russo, Richard Graham, Michael Nanz and Chad Snee taking their victory lap and donning their Tacky Jackets for winning this year’s event!

  • The college football season is just around the corner, meaning it’s nearly time for Sig Chi brothers to pull out their blue and white jerseys and other Penn State football gear in preparation for Penn State’s second season under head coach James Franklin.

    It also means it’s time to start taking a look at where the Nittany Lions stand with training camp looming. So get caught up on who’s who and which players will step up to fill key roles for the Nittany Lions this season.

  • Your chance to give back to SigChi Penn State’s annual fund for 2014-15 is almost over! Our giving year expires on Oct. 1 and we have raised just over $12,600 thanks to the generosity of 96 brothers. We want to take the time to thank those who have donated this year!

  • As four new champions – soon to be wearers of the coveted Tacky Jackets – swaggered toward the front steps at the Sigma Chi Chapter House last weekend, Joe Conaty stood back and smiled as more than 120 of his Sig brothers burst into cheers.

  • The biggest alumni golf outing on Penn State’s campus has come and gone and we’re proud to report the 2015 Sigma Chi Golf Classic was bigger than ever! All-in-all, 116 brothers joined us for rounds at Penn State’s Blue and White Courses and more than 125 Sigs showed up for our Steak Bake at the Chapter House. Click below to see more photos from this past weekend.

  • The college football season may seem far off at this point but the truth is Penn State will open its season in a little over three months. Plenty has changed in Happy Valley in the last few years but for the first time in what seems like years, the Nittany Lions will enter training camp in August with a sense of regularity.

  • The biggest fraternity golf outing on campus is nearly upon us. So, how’s your game coming along? If your answer is, ‘Lousy,’ fear not! There’s still time to dial in your swings and tidy up your short game before the annual Sigma Chi Golf Classic tees off on June 5! So far 99 brothers have registered and we want to see an even deeper field! Click below for more information.

  • Wondering what your brothers have been up to? Curious as to which of your brothers is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary? Or who's retiring? Or who just became a grandfather? Click below to find out!

  • We all bleed blue and white! Do you know how our Nittany Lions are looking for this upcoming season? With the NFL Draft in the rearview, rookies will be in and out of NFL cities over the next few weeks for mandatory rookie camps and symposiums. A handful of Penn State players were selected in the draft while a few more have signed free agent contracts or secured rookie camp tryouts. Their next step? Make their respective teams. Click here for the outlook for Penn State’s next crop of pro players as teams can hold rookie camps as early as May 15.

    Speaking of football, are you coming back to reunite with your brothers for Homecoming this fall? Homecoming Week 2015 will begin on October 4, with the Homecoming Football game against the Indiana Hoosiers on October 10th. Check out our future eLetters for more updates.

  • It’s that time of year again, folks! The weather’s warming up, the semester is coming to a close, and that means one thing: our annual Golf Outing is right around the corner! This year, our Golf Outing will take place June 5-7, 2015, and you do not want to miss out!
  • Getting together with old fraternity brothers always serves to be a good time. This held true for Ted Junker '59, Jim Keith '58, Jay Corrigan '57, Dick Mohler '57, John Haas '58, Norb Connors '60, Dave Morrow '59, Dan Johnston '61, and Jim Faunce '57 when they got together at Junker’s house in Marco Island, Florida on March 25. Along with these brothers, there were also three former sweethearts in attendance, Fran Cox Nodland '57, Joanne "Toots" Yergey Keith '58, and Larrian Johnston '61. We were able to get in contact with Ted Junker to see how the event played out for the all of those in attendance, and it certainly seems like fun!
  • Can you help us? We are in need of some help! The following people are considered to be “lost” because we have no way of contacting them to share the all of the information we have in our newsletters. If you know someone listed below (or multiple persons listed) and have their contact information, we ask that you please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can start reaching them with our news! Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    William Fricker
    Mark Keller
    James Bold
    Mark Cavalier
    Gary Buck
    Brett Schultz
    Brian Engstrom
    Benjamin Miller
    Erik Evanick
    Russell Fritz
    Mitchell Hamer
    Kyle Nyce
  • In this season of giving, we'd like to thank these donors who have supported the Annual Fund since October 1. Our goal is to grow our group of supporters this year and we are neck and neck compared to where we were this time last year. Find out how your support has helped…

  • It has been a long three seasons since the Nittany Lions made their way into a postseason bowl game. Well, we made it! Penn State will play Boston College at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, December 27 in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

  • Looking for the perfect gift for the Penn Staters in your life? Try one of these unique ideas...

  • This time of year encourages us to take a step back, pause, and take a moment to think about and be thankful for the opportunities we have been given. We want to thank YOU wholeheartedly for your support.

  • Ah, Thanksgiving.

    A time celebrated in America by eating way too much food, probably drinking too much, and falling asleep to football. But it also celebrated frequently by saying what exactly we’re thankful for this late autumn.

  • …and he asks for your ID.

     Some of your addresses on your ID are blank! We are missing mailing addresses for 172 of our living alumni! Help us find the rest, please!

  • Photo taken from Homecoming 2002 Photo Album on the website.

    We are looking for Alpha Chi photos past, present, and future!

    One of the best things about being an alum is looking back at photographs of your years with Sigma Chi at Penn State.

  • Old photos are like Thanksgiving turkeys. On one day out of the year, we take time to enjoy them and then wonder why we choose to enjoy them only on special occasions. Why can't we fix a turkey and stuffing on the Fourth of July? So, even though you may have put your Homecoming 2014 memories behind you already (yeah, that game was a tough one), we want to keep the spirit of the weekend alive. Specifically, we want to see your photos from the weekend. The best photo will be featured on our website home page later this month. Click below for details.

  • "I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then, I realized, I am somebody." Does it matter who said it? No. What matters is that we have those "somebodies" who have chosen to give to our Annual Fund for the very first time this month. Click below to find out who those "somebodies" are and to join them on our Honor Roll.

  • Check out what we found!

  • We want to share a story with you. This story comes from a fraternity in the Northeast... a situation that took place in 2013. One brother had a daughter who was facing a very serious genetic illness. The best doctor in the area was in Baltimore, but he had closed his doors to new patients. As often happens, this brother's dilemma was shared by one brother to another and to another. Thanks to the efforts of a particular brother, the base of those who knew about the situation expanded, and the doors (literally) opened. This young girl was able to see the specialist she needed and begin her path to healing. But that is not where the story ends. Click below to read more.

  • On the heels of the announcement that the NCAA has restored Penn State's bowl game eligibility and scholarships effective in 2015, along with the team's eligibility to play in this year's Big Ten Championship game, let us "raise the song, raise the song" with our brothers at Sigma Chi as we prepare for Homecoming 2014. Click below to read about events planned for the week and to get a behind-the-scenes look at the largest student-run homecoming in the nation.

  • Whether you ran a marathon this last year, welcomed your first child (or grandchild), traveled the world or met up with a few brothers for a PSU football game, we want to know it. Now is your chance tell us your story!

  • As Coach Franklin ushers in a new chapter of PSU football this fall, we invite you back to Alpha Chi Chapter at Penn State to be part of it. With Homecoming less than a week away, we have a fun day in store on September 27. Be sure to include Sigma Chi in your return to Happy Valley for this matchup against Northwestern.

  • Is it coincidence that in the four weeks leading up to Homecoming we are also in our final push to reach our $30,000 2013-14 Annual Fund goal? To date, 87 donors have given a total of $11,001. This is only 37% of our goal. Aren't we better than 37%? Click below to find out which brothers have recently made their gifts and to find out how you can do the same. 4 WEEKS! LET'S DO THIS!

  • The countdown is on for the 2014 Penn State football season with kickoff just a few short weeks away! That hopefully means your return trip to Happy Valley is around the corner! Whether you went to Penn State when the Skeller still had Ponies or could participate in the Phi Psi 500, there is something we can all agree on: It's great to be home. Click below to see the checklist of things to watch for when you come back to Happy Valley this fall!

  • Have you ever wondered how you can find out which of your Sigma Chi brothers is returning for PSU home football games? Now it's easy. All you have to do is register on our Sigma Chi website for each game you will be attending this fall. Next month, we will be publishing the list of brothers registered to attend each game. This gives you all a chance to make plans as Sigma Chi alumni and reconnect. Click below to read more.

  • The 2014 Sigma Chi Golf Classic showed us that some newer grad have what it takes. We welcome the foursome of Matt Daniels, Matt Davis '08, Pat Robertson '08 and Steve Warden '08 to the Tacky Jacket Club! Click below to get all of the tournament results and a link to photos from the weekend. And, mark your calendar for next year's 25th Annual Golf Classic scheduled for June 5-6, 2015.

  • The Rathskeller, the oldest bar in State College, celebrates its 82nd year this fall!  Countless Penn Staters have spent many a night at the well-known establishment, just as you probably did!  Check out the full story on the Collegian's website.

    Tell us your best and greatest Rathskeller memory. Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll use your story in the next eletter! C'mon, you know you will enjoy sharing these and reading other brothers' stories!

  • As you think about Sigma Chi at Penn State and the value in being a part of this organization, what are your favorite things? What motivates you to give to your brotherhood? We have come up with our own list of reasons to stay connected, support the chapter and continue the “aim and object of Sigma Chi … to develop and train broad-minded men who can recognize the wholeness of things.” Click below for our Sigma Chi PSU Top 10. Then take a few minutes to send us your own Sigma Chi PSU Top 10!

  • Who could ask for a better chapter advisor for a group of young men ready to learn and lead? At Sigma Chi, we have just the brother. A mix of Army commander, with tours in Vietnam and Cambodia, and professional leadership consultant, Chapter Advisor David Kline ’64 has been named a 2014 inductee into the Order of Constantine. Click below to read more about Brother Kline and send him him your congratulations.

  • It’s been announced. Saturday, October 25, 2014, 8:00 p.m. It will be televised on ABC and ESPN. And it is in Beaver Stadium! So, what are your plans for the HOME PSU. vs. OSU game? Can we get something organized at the house? Click below to read more and leave your thoughts and ideas about one of the biggest football weekends PSU will see this fall.

  • It is a scene like none other. For those of you who have been part of THONs past, you know. Click below to read about Alpha Chi's participation in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.

  • Earlier this month, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) made a formal announcement that the fraternity is banning pledging across the nation. Is pledging a thing of the past? Click below to read more and voice your opinion.



    I hope this email finds all of you in good spirits. My name is Evan Ek, and I am the 2014 Head THON Chairperson for the Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Chi. I am reaching out to you in hopes of your support of our brotherhood as we approach the 2014 Penn State Panhellenic Dance Marathon weekend.


    If you think about the annual financial needs of our chapter — resources that simply help us keep the lights on, alumni engaged and high-potential young men knocking on our door during rush — we really do have a lot to accomplish each year to meet our goals. So, which decade do you think is charging ahead (based on numbers of donors) in this giving year?


  • On January 13, the Phi Sigma Kappa Twitter administrator posted this tweet: "James Franklin joins Dick Harlow as the 2nd Phi Sigma Kappa brother to become the head [foot]ball coach at PSU. #DamnProud." 

  • Brothers, we're working on building out the photo album section of our website. With Homecoming last month, we thought we'd start with collecting Homecoming photos! Go through your camera cards or shoeboxes and find pictures of Homecomings past and present!

  • It's one of our favorite times of year—Thanksgiving.  Click "read more" to find out how our fraternity brothers gave us so much to be thankful for, no matter how inappropriate, and then be sure to share your own stories and photos!

  • Homecoming 2013 offered a real treat this year!  What a game!  What a day!  What a weekend! 

  • Do you believe in unicorns and the power of the rainbow?  More than 10,000 runners were asked the same question at this past weekend’s 5K Color Run in Happy Valley.  This race, dubbed as “the happiest 5K on the planet” drew a huge crowd, including teams of fraternity and sorority undergrads and alumni.  

  • Ever wondered how Penn State comes up with those final fundraising figures?  Or what portion of your gift actually goes FTKs?  

  • Ok, so the Christmas reference might be too soon, but you get the point. The board has compiled a list of our most pressing needs and desired activities this year. Check it out!

  • In a widely-circulated, recent article by John U. Bacon of the Wall Street Journal, Penn State Football is lauded for its ability to foster what epitomizes our love for the chapter and school: brotherhood.

  • Spencer Niles, author of this article, is a participant in the NCAA Lawsuit. He is a member of the PS4RS Board and is a Penn State alumnus earning his doctoral degree from the College of Education in 1986. He served as Distinguished Professor and Department Head for Educational Psychology, Counseling, and Special Education in the College of Education at Penn State from 2000-2013.

  • The LFAA are facing off with the State College Borough yet again, only this time the new challenge relates to the Borough’s proposed changes to the point system that dictates suspension of rental properties. They have written a letter and have asked that we distribute it to all brothers. Please read the letter carefully as the matters discussed therein greatly affect Greek life at Penn State.

  • With nearly 70% of all Congressmen and senators belonging to Greek organizations, the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee (FSPAC) is rallying to gain their support for a tax break bill that would mean massive changes for every Greek organization. However, recent negative media coverage of the legislation threatens to derail FSPAC efforts so far.

  • There’s one Alpha Chi alum who really knows how to enjoy retirement!  Ed Dionne ’65 is spending his years back home in Happy Valley, and publishing tails about life as a young veterinarian.  His new book, Warm Hearts for Cold Noses: Unusual “Tails” of a Young Veterinarian is based on real-life cases he encountered in those struggling years after he graduated from vet school.



  • As part of our annual decade challenge, we'd like to honor the top group of alums who had the largest number of individual donors to our annual fund. This year, we'd like to thank our brothers from the 60s for stepping up to support the legacy of Sigma Chi at Penn State. Approximately 29 men from this era donated a total of $3,000 since our giving year began last September. So yes, there is definite strength in numbers!

    We still have three months remaining in our giving year—and the brothers from the 50s and 70s aren't too far behind. If you'd like to add your name to our distinguished Honor Roll of Donors, please make your gift today.

  • Thanks to Bob Jones '49 for participating in this semester's alumni Q&A. Bob reflects on life in the old house and those lifelong friends who cross to oceans to rekindle the Sigma Chi spirit.

  • Exams are over, the boxes are packed, and the cap and gown is pressed and ready for the big event. Graduation day is such a bittersweet moment in our lives, as we say goodbye to the youth and vitality of college life, and usher in a new era in our lives: full-blown adulthood. Think back to your own time and tell us a story about your graduation day. How did you spend your final days as an undergraduate member of Sigma Chi? Were there any last hurrahs or memorable moments with brothers that especially stand out?

    Share your story below or on our message boards.

  • Our recent party was a smash! Glad to see you all there!

  • AX Brothers,
    It gives me great pleasure to announce to the AX alumni that the active brothers passed out 24 bids and had 18 accept for the spring class of 2009.I expect we will lose some, but our goal is to initiate 10-12 brothers this spring. That will give us a school year total of 35+ new AX brothers. Our active undergraduate membership will be approaching the century mark.

  • Below are some highlights from the undergraduates over the past several weeks:

  • Greetings Brother,
    Sigma Chi publishes a membership directory every five years and has engaged Harris Connect, LLC to produce a current version together with enhancing the Sigma Chi web experience. Work has begun on this 2010 Directory, an invaluable tool in a world where building and maintaining a strong personal network has become essential.

  • Dear Alumnus/Parents/Supporters,
    Welcome to our newly created chapter website! We thank you in advance for taking the time to review the projects, photos, and events of the Alpha Chi Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

  • Robert J.S. Barette '56 recently submitted this update...

  • THON 2009 raised a record breaking $7,490,133.87 surpassing everyone's expectations. After the 17 members of the dance marathon overall committee slowly raised the final number 7 of the total, the crowd erupted into roar that echoed throughout the packed Bryce Jordan Center.

  • You asked for my comments as to my reasons for support Sigma Chi at Penn State.

  • A bunch of great photos have been posted from the 2008 Sigma Chi Golf Tourney. Click here to check them out!

  • By Jamison Webb

  • This article was partially excerpted from a Penn State press release.

  • As the new President of the Alpha Chi House Corporation, I wanted to reach out and share some exciting news regarding the Chapter House.

  • Alpha Chi chapter welcomed our latest House Director, Marian Hamby, to our home for the fall semester 2008. Marian (she likes to be called 'Mom') is an experienced house director who came to us from Springfield, OH. She has acted as 'Mom' for at least seven other fraternity and sorority chapter houses ranging from Florida to Ohio.

  • The Alpha House Corporation has been awarded the 2008 outstanding House Corporation Award from the Grand Officers. We were selected from scores of other applicants. However, change is a constant element to effectively managing our chapter.

  • Need a reason to reunite with Penn State friends? Want to show your kids where “the good old days” happened? The 47th Annual Festival of the Arts is right around the corner and guarantees a memorable experience for both your college crew and family.

    As always, Arts Fest offers an array of food, live music and, of course, row upon row of incredible artwork. With more than 125,000 people expected to attend, you might bump into some old friends and acquaintances along the way. Some hotels still have space available, or try hotels just outside State College. If you’re close by, it’s the perfect day trip. Hope to see you there!
    Don’t Miss the 47th Annual Arts Fest!

    Wednesday, July 10-Sunday, July 14
    State College, PA

    Music, Food, Shopping---and Art!

    If you are interested in learning more about all the amazing activities planned for Arts Fest 2013, along with everything fun and practical to know when planning your visit to State College this summer, visit the most-up-to-date authority on all things PSU and State College at HappyValley.com.

    Don’t miss your chance to reconnect with brothers in this fabulous Happy Valley event!

  • We would like to apologize for the recent listing of Brother Walt Delevich '77 on our 'In Memory' list in the spring 2009 issue of The Penn State Sig. Due to an error by our alumni relations firm, Walt was inadvertently listed as deceased in our database.

  • By Dave Kline

    A few weeks ago was the annual Blue and White Weekend. Penn State won!

  • AX conducted its annual golf weekend the last weekend in May.

  • Recap of Annual Alumni Weekend – May 29 – 31, 2009

  • Click hereto go to the La Vie online, or here to browse the Alpha Chi albums.

  • 'Tis the season! Not for carols and presents or stockings and snow, for football. There's no season like football season when you're a Penn State alum. Time to dust off the coolers and inventory the tailgate gear...another Nittany Lion football season is here!

  • Rick Weber ('79) has released a new book, Pink Lips and Fingertips.

  • The AX actives have put together a new web page that I suggest you visit. Information is current and includes recruitment news plus weekly information about activities. Try www.sigmachipsu.org. The AX House Corporation has also prepared a great web page at www.pennstatesig.com. You might want to add both to your favorites list.

  • Academics aside, college is all about the experience! So we're compiling a list of the Top 20 things that a student MUST do before leaving Happy Valley.

  • There's nothing better than a weekend back in Happy Valley to relive your youth. But let's face it...we're not the same early-twenty-something guys we were back then. Why settle for long lines, cover charges, cheap beer, elbow-to-elbow college crowds, loud music and so-so bar food? Take advantage of the many non-student hangouts that Happy Valley has to offer. Grab your Sigma Chi buddies and head out on your own "adult" bar tour this season. Be sure to add these places to your list.

  • Some frats have had to relocate, others remain houseless

  • Send your submissions to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Thanks to the following alumni for making contributions in the 2009-10 giving year, which began September 1...

  • Click here to make a donation. Thank you for your gift!

  • By James F. Lee

  • The only thing better than our Phi Kap days is reminiscing about them through old pictures, like this one from the 1982 LaVie. Help us to preserve more of our greatest memories captured on film by sending the best photos from your era to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find more archived pictures in the online albums.

  • We need your help to feature great fresh content on our web site. Please take a few minutes to submit an update on what's new in your life. And while you're at it, send us a great picture from your Sigma Chi days to add to our online archives. You can email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Thanks to Ron Gallaway '67 for submitting this photo of the 1966 pledge class. Recognize anyone? Discuss it on our message board!

  • For many of us, the bonds we formed at Sigma Chi grew into connections that make life more meaningful today. Many of us have no closer friends than those we made back then. Some of us got first job or reference from a brother, others have made great business connections through brothers. Some were our groomsmen or godfathers to our kids. Add to that the lessons we learned as a result of our association with the fraternity. These have helped to lay a foundation for the successes we have experienced in our personal and professional careers.

  • The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon raised a grand total of $7,838,054.36 at this year's 46 hour event held Friday, February 19th through Sunday, February 21st. The annual event raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer.

  • Watch for your copy to arrive in the mail in the coming weeks.

  • Fall Semester 2009 at Penn State found our newly renovated AX house at full capacity. The new pledge class started at 26 members. We lost two members along the way, but in January 2010 we initiated 24 new brothers. Two fathers were able to return and pin the White Cross on their son's chest.

  • Larry Jamieson '53 of Malvern, formerly of Unionville, PA passed away on on April 14, 2010 . He was a career insurance agent for Mass Mutual. Survived by his beloved wife of 52 years Kathleen (nee Casey), his children Lawrence W. Jr., Judy King, Jackie (Steven) Szafara, Jill (Srdjan) Mirkovic and Casey (Kevin) Johnson, his sisters Jacqueline Smith and Patricia Flick; also 11 grandchildren. He was pre-deceased by his son-in-law Andrew King and his brother Charles I. Jamieson, Jr.

  • Brothers,

    With heavy hearts, we report the death of Glen O. Kirsch, AX '70, on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Glen died in the hospital following surgery to stem a nose bleed. His death comes as a shock to his family and to his AX brothers. Until he went into the hospital last week, we had expected to see Glen at the Sigma Chi Golf Outing on the weekend that he passed away.

  • No matter how far away you are today, you share a great experience with 1,127 other brothers: getting to spend four (or more!) years living in Happy Valley.

    What do you miss most about living on campus? Share your story below

  • We need your help! There are currently nearly 600 Alpha Chi alumni on our lost email list, meaning that we don't have valid email addresses on file for them to receive our eLetter and other electronic communications. Please help us to reach more alumni more frequently and cost effectively by reviewing our lost email list. If you recognize any of the names on the list, simply click them to send an email to our alumni relations firm with their updated contact information. Our email database is used solely for chapter communications.

  • Continuing a name and a tradition is truly something special to be a part of. Being able to carry the name over several years is something special as well. For Joe and Josh Popowycz, they keep the Sigma Chi legacy in the family as they are both members of the Alpha Chi Chapter. And, they're hoping to add a third to their legacy, as their youngest brother plans to attend Penn State next year.

    Joe’s Responses (Older Brother)

    What was your first impression of your Chapter?

    The first time I walked into Sigma Chi, I knew it was something that interested me. I saw a group of great friends enjoying their college experience together.

    Did you encourage Josh to join Sig Chi? How or why?

    I believe I was the reason Josh joined Sigma Chi. He had visited while he was still in high school on several occasions. The way he saw that I lived and experienced everything Sigma Chi had to offer from friendship to brotherhood had to be part of the reason he decided Sigma Chi. The brothers at the time welcomed him with open arms from the time they first met.

    From your impression of their experience, what aspects of fraternity life seem to have changed since your college years? What parts seem to have stayed the same?

    The way that the brotherhood and fraternity still does everything together; the same issues still arise and the problems are tackled the same way. The chapter is still solving these problems and finding many ways to be successful. The house seems to have more brothers living in it now which is more proof that the chapter is on the way up.

    What was the top campus hangout for Sig Chis during your college years?

    It all depended on the day of the week and time of the day. When it came down to it, you knew you could find brothers hanging and something going on at the house.

    What life skills did you gain from your time at Sigma Chi?

    Dealing with a variety of issues gave me the skills that make me successful today including issues to being involved in weekly chapter meetings to getting approval from city officials.

    In what ways are you still involved with the fraternity today?

    I still visit the fraternity on football weekends to see Josh and some of the younger brothers to both share my experiences and hear their stories.

    What is your best memory from your undergraduate days?

    There are too many memories to pick one. The best memories include football weekends.

    What does it mean to you to have Josh follow in your Sig Chi footsteps?

    It's been great having Josh experience what I had the opportunity to just a few years ago. We can share great memories and discuss our growth as individuals. Hopefully in the near future our youngest brother can experience the same as he follows in our footsteps as a Penn Stater in the fall.

    Josh’s Responses (Younger Brother)

    What was your first impression of your chapter?

    The first impression that I had of Sigma Chi Alpha Chi was welcoming and a fun place to meet new people throughout my college career.

    Did your brother encourage you to join Sig Chi? How or why?

    Joe played a little bit of a role in my decision to join Sigma Chi. I remember my senior year of high school coming up to a football game and parents weekend that really helped to make an impact on my decision. Joe, I think indirectly helped to make my decision on choosing Sigma Chi by providing me with opportunity to see its greatness and what it had to offer.

    How did he react when you joined the fraternity?

    I think he was very proud and excited for me to be able to experience what he had already been experiencing for 2 years. It also helped to create a closer bond between the 2 of us because of Sigma Chi.

    How do you feel about being part of his legacy?

    Continuing a name and a tradition is truly something special to be a part of. Being able to carry the name over several years is something special as well. Our youngest brother will be coming to Penn State next year as well so it would truly be something if the name continues within Sigma Chi. Every individual, however, gets to make his own name in Sigma Chi which allows me or anybody to make his own name and stories during a collegiate career.

    What do you think made you both a good fit for Sigma Chi?

    Sigma Chi provided us with opportunity to become ourselves. That is something every individual is looking for when they come to college and Sigma Chi gave us this opportunity. Sigma Chi also allowed us to have that family away from home. All the brothers help to make this a home away from home. Sigma Chi provided this opportunity for guidance, leadership, and individuality.

    Do you both have any shared memories from the fraternity?

    THON is an especially great shared memory that we have through the fraternity. Joe had the privilege to dance 2 years ago and I was able to be down on the floor at some points to help him through the pain and difficulty of standing for 46 hours. Other shared memories that I have that we shared are also quite simple. I remember times of just sitting around sharing stories, laughing, debating and watching sporting events. I also remember hanging out in the yard and tossing the baseball or football.

    The last big memory that I have with Joe and other fraternity members was our intramural basketball team. Joe and I had a team that was affiliated with Sigma Chi, but had mostly all fraternity members. Our team name was "Scrub Squad". We were able to play together and since we knew each others games we were able to read each other and play well together.

    What life skills do you expect to gain from your time in Sigma Chi?

    Key life skills that Sigma Chi helped me to strengthen are responsibility, leadership, character, and teamwork. These life skills are crucial in general and in the work force. Sigma Chi helped me to further these skills through different events or positions.

    What is your best Sig Chi memory to date?

    My best Sigma Chi memory to date is very difficult to decide because there truly has been so many great events that have occurred during my time. Every home football weekend is surely hard to beat. Hanging out with all the brothers before the game, going into the game together, and sitting in the stands together to support Penn State is truly an awesome experience. Other memories that always seem to be fun are the impromptu events that occur. One year there were a few of us that went to Cleveland to watch LeBron James return to Cleveland for the first time. We got those tickets in the afternoon and immediately hit the road to get to the game on time. There are so many great memories and these are just 2 of them.

    What are your future plans?

    My future plans for after graduation is to become a high school history Teacher; along with my teaching I also aspire to become a basketball coach and a golf coach. Down the road, several years, I would be interested in becoming an administrator; such as a principal or superintendent. This would require some additional schooling as well.

  • Having raised an incredible $239,149 for THON in 2013, Sigma Chi and its partner, Alpha Omicron Pi, ranked third this year among all Greek organizations' totals. Sigma Chi exceeded its previous year’s total by over $63,300, despite the cancellation of one canning trip this year.

    As a whole, THON 2013 raised a record-breaking $12.3 million for pediatric cancer research, exceeding 2012’s $10.6 million total, and pushing the all-time total to over $100 million.

  • Click here to download your copy.

  • We recently came across this great story in the New York Times, featuring a 68-year-old man who enrolled in college – and chose to join a fraternity – at age 65. It’s a great read and a testament to the true fraternity values and the definition of brotherhood.

    Would you do it all over again, and relive your fraternity experience in today's day and age? Share your response below.

  • Thanks to Kevin Chiazza '97 for participating in our alumni Q&A.

    Okay, so you’re 18 again and walking onto the PSU campus for the first time. What advice would you give the younger you?

    See the great edifices, such as Old Main, the Hub, and yes Joe Paterno and a football game. Most of all, education is first and foremost. Penn State is ranked up there with the best.

    What song best defines your college experience?

    Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Its the football song.

    Tell us about a brother who was a role model, or hero—someone who went way beyond the call of brotherhood to help you out.

    Big Bro Adam Landsberry

    Sigma Chi’s vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization. What role does leadership play in a man’s life?

    Well, when fulfilling a leadership role, one has to command honestly, loyalty and respect. Leadership isn’t always easy and sometimes requires tough choices. A difficult situation I had: to leave my job for family because I traveled too much.

    What is the single most important thing you learned as a Sig?

    Being part of something bigger than yourself.

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  • "Don't like golf? Then fish instead! These brothers took advantage of the alternative alumni weekend and hit the waters instead (and from what we can see, they had some success!). Stay tuned for more photos from the 2010 Alumni Weekend."

  • Phi Delt house to be demolished

  • We sponsored 20+ Undergrads to attend our National Leadership Training Workshop in Chapel Hill, NC July 31-August 1.

  • Demolition of the Phi Delta Theta house began in mid-August. Do you agree with the University's decision to turn the property into "green space?" Share your thoughts on the message board!

  • Watch for your copy to arrive in the mail in the coming weeks!

  • Our 2010-11 giving year starts October 1. Make a donation to the annual fund to add your name to the Honor Roll of Donors. Thank you for your support!

  • 'Tis the Season

  • Thank you all who came to join us for the 2010 Homecoming celebration at the Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Chi this year!

  • Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday and a happy new year!

  • Remember the Train Station and The Whistle Stop? Bowling at Rec Hall? Or when swimming tests were "required" at Penn State?

  • Thanks to Steve Pracht '76 for his responses to the following...

  • Brother Michael Lanz (Pro-Consul) spent part of this past summer touring China. He traveled to many cities to include the famous Tiananmen Square. This picture shows him (with a sigma Chi T-Shirt) on the Great Wall of China. Michael has served a year as the AX Pro-Consul. He is scheduled to graduate next year with a degree in Biochemistry.

  • In a weekend full of fun, excitement, and outstanding efforts from Dancers, Committees, Organizations, Alumni, Friends, and Family, THON 2011 definitely demonstrated it was "Together Without Limits". After 46 hours of no sitting and no sleeping, thousands gathered in the Bryce Jordan Center for the final moments before revealing the total amount raised for THON 2011. At 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon, the anticipation was over as THON overalls revealed the final amount: $9,563,016.09. The place went wild with joy and excitement for the record breaking total (2010 total - $7,838,054.23).

  • The Penn State Board of Trustees selected Edward P. "Ted" Junker III '59, a retired chairman and chief executive officer of PNC Bank Corp., to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award, Penn State's highest honor for an individual. Junker, one of seven alumni named, resides in Erie, PA. The award will be presented on Alumni Weekend (June 3-4).

  • Watch for your copy to be delivered soon!

  • The brotherhood - making life-long friendships.

  • Students board homemade vehicles for Red Bull Chariot Race, Sigma Chi Wins Award for Best Engineering

  • Thank you to Jack Hoover for participating in this Q&A.

  • 2011 Sigma Chi Alumni Golf Results

  • This year, Sigma Chi house corporations that manage a chapter house were invited by the Grand Trustees to apply for this prestigious award. The award criteria and point value were based on these sound property management and business practices:

  • Our brothers from the 1960s barely outshined those from other eras by showing the highest levels of participation with our alumni group, in terms of support of the annual fund.

  • If you're planning a tailgate with other Sigma Chi brothers for a game (or games!) this season, let us know and we'll post your details on the site for others to see. Send your tailgate info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (mention Sigma Chi at Penn State Tailgate), or share it on the message board.

  • While we were all members of Sigma Chi during our college years, we all have our unique stories to tell from our experience, and of why we financially support the chapter in our alumni years.

  • On July 16, a few AX Sigs from the early 90s (give or take) gathered in Malvern, PA for an afternoon of golf which was followed by dinner and an impromptu (and highly informal) chapter meeting. Click here to view a larger version of the picture with caption.

  • Alpha Chi Alumni!!

  • To Our Newest Alumni...

  • It's been an emotional month for Penn Staters. Consistent with the values and ideals of our university, alumni are already stepping up to support the alleged victims, help our alumni community heal, and begin to set a course for renewal and rebuilding on our legacy.

  • Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy new year! Send other brothers well wishes this season, too! You can find their contact information in the online directory.

  • Thank you to Gary Groff '65 for sharing some great house party photos from the 1960s. Click hereto view more in his personal album.

  • "In a cold world, you still need your friends to keep you warm." (The Big Chill, 1983)

  • We are always looking for continued ways to improve your alumni experience. Please share your thoughts, comments and updates to help us make your membership more meaningful.

  • For generations, brothers like you have provided the financial backbone necessary to support the future of our organization. Please do your part to keep it going strong for generations to come.

  • Thanks to Frank Platt '79 for participating in this Q&A.

  • THON undoubtedly has a great impact not only on the kids, but on students, alumni and the Penn State community. There is always a lot of talk about THON and every story and experience is important. So, we want to hear from YOU. What is/was the most rewarding part of your THON experience?

  • Sigma Chi Brothers,

  • Despite economic malaise and a crush of negative publicity about their university during the past four months, Penn State students raised a record $10.69 million to support families of children with cancer.

  • Happy Valley and Penn State are filled with long-standing traditions that will withstand the test of time. But there are other great traditions from days gone by that no longer exist. From the Phi Psi 500 to the Train Station Restaurant, we compiled stories of the places and traditions that are gone but not forgotten:

  • Thank you to Anthony O. Walk '54 for submitting these photos! He says, "I recently came across some photos taken in 1952, which brought back happy memories of my Alpha Chi brothers at Sigma Chi House. The picture of me was from the year of my graduation,1954. I am in front row on the right (see red X) in the dance photo."

  • Sigma Chi was filled with many fun memories, and served as the foundation for great friendships that have lasted well beyond graduation. But we know that the Sigma Chi connections have likely led to great job opportunities too. Did you land a job thanks to a career network formed at Sigma Chi? Share your story on the message board.

  • Brother Patrick Nard was recognized at the Greek Column Awards last week for his contributions to Greek life with a "Living the Ritual" award. Let's join in congratulating Patrick for this honor, as he is certainly deserving.

  • Thanks to Frank Platt '79 for participating in this Q&A.

  • Thanks to everyone who came out for another great golf outing this year! Relive the weekend or see what you missed by viewing photos on our website here, or view the complete photo album on Flickr here. Thanks to Jeff Painter '82 for all of these wonderful pictures!

  • Who recognizes this photo of '66 Pledge Class?

  • Congrats to the undergrads on a great spring semester academically! They finished with a 3.20 GPA, above the IFC average of 3.14 and good for 15th out of of 48 fraternities. Let's hope the good work continues in the fall.

  • Brother Greg Kline '07 was raised with the values of Sigma Chi, but didn't have time to join while at Penn State in the '90s because of a heavy class and workload. Despite not having time to join while in college, Greg still earned the privilege of becoming an Alpha Chi brother through unconventional means.

  • During the 2012 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, the Alpha Chi chapter received its second Peterson Blue award in a row, an achievement that has not been accomplished in nearly a decade. Along with this strive for recognition of excellence from Sigma Chi nationals, Alpha Chi has also cemented itself as one of the top academic fraternities at Penn State by ranking in the top ten for cumulative GPAs among all fraternities for the past four years in a row.

  • Though your college years have come to an end, there are plenty of ways to honor your lifelong commitment to Sigma Chi and stay connected with the chapter and the friends you met there. Please become an active participant in the Alpha Chi House Corporation.

  • Have fun as an alum! In a new initiative to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

  • The Alpha Chi House Corporation exists because you exist. Our promise to you is to serve and entertain you with opportunities to connect: with your experiences, with each other, and with the fraternity you became an integral part of when you pledged.

  • participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

  • Okay, so you're 18 again and walking onto the PSU campus for the first time. What advice would you give the younger you?

  • Our hearts go out to our brothers in the northeast who tragically have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We've all seen the television reports about wide-scale power outages, floods, wind damage, and more. But for some of our brothers, the effects of this "superstorm" are devastating...and very real.

  • Thank you to Jeff Lohr '66 for sharing these great stories from his Sigma Chi days.

  • Brad Samargya '82 answers: "Diversity. Great group of guys from all different backgrounds and with a wide range of interests."

  • The Alpha Chi House Corporation is pleased to report that our annual Homecoming festivities were not dampened by the weather. Our annual Alumni Tailgate was a great success as we continue to see increased attendance and expand our food, beverage, and entertainment options. The Alpha Chi chapter house was a great place to reconnect with our brothers for the annual post game Homecoming celebration. Many generations of Sigs met up after the game at the house to enjoy spirited conversation and camaraderie. We were happy to welcome back both those alumni who regularly meet up at this event as well as several brothers who returned for the first time in many years. Thank you all for your continued support of the Alpha Chi chapter of Sigma Chi. We look forward to seeing you all next year!

  • Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season and a happy new year.

  • In an effort to increase alumni participation in our communications program, we will be asking questions each month that will hopefully prompt some funny, meaningful and creative responses.

  • We are saddened to report the passing of longtime benefactor and the brother for which our house is named. H. Campbell "Cal" Stuckeman died in his Pittsburgh home on Thursday, November 15.

  • Thank you to Jeff Pruner '65 for sharing the following.


  • There's nothing quite like romance in college. In the spirit of Valentine's Day this month, tell us your stories:

  • THON has long been one of the largest and most widely recognized organizations on campus, but there are many things in THON's past that you might not know. Here is a list that Onward State compiled of things that you (probably) didn't know about THON, as well as a great history of THON from the university libraries.